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HTC Jetstream

HTC Jetstream
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The HTC Jetstream is a powerful Android tablet which works great with LTE networks, yet some may choose another option as this device does come with a higher price tag than many of its competitors. There are a number of advantages this device has and this must be taken into consideration when determining which device to buy. The drawbacks must also be looked at to ensure you are making an informed choice as to whether this is the tablet for you.

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This tablet offers the speed consumers are looking for in a mobile device of this type and it has a great many features people appreciate. The innovative stylus is one reason why many choose this tablet with the outstanding stereo speakers being another. Nothing has been left out of this device and the build quality is a nice touch. Apps look nice on the glossy screen although finding ones to use can be an issue. The Scribe stylus is fun to use as it allows you to take a snapshot of anything being viewed. You can then scribble on the image and send it or save it. In addition, the Scribe software lets you draw or use the notepad app. Web pages load rapidly and the same is true of Flash elements. This device is heavier than some of its competitors and the price tag is stiff, especially when compared to other tablets being offered. The back of this device is made using aluminum and, where the aluminum meets with the plastic, the jagged edges of the metal are uncomfortable. If you do opt to go with the Scribe stylus, the device has no storage area for the pen. For these and other reasons, many feel this device isn’t worth its price tag.