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Gave me the price they promised, no chipping away at it when I sent it in, payment was received pretty quick.

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HTC Shift

HTC Shift
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Sell your HTC Shift

Great news! Whether your HTC Shift is brand new, used or broken we can cut you a cheque for it! I'm sure you’ll agree that we have offered a generous price for your mobile.

In case you didn't already know, prices of mobile phones change rapidly, sometimes mobiles' can lose £20 or MORE of their value in just 2-3 days! this is based on International supply and demand and so we encourage you to hit the “Recycle Now” button now to LOCK IN this price for your phone today. Mobile phones are like cars they only go DOWN in value and so act now, as tomorrow your mobile could be worth much less! Don’t get left behind, secure the BEST price for your HTC Shift TODAY.

Payment will be sent THE SAME DAY that we receive your mobile and so the faster you can send the phone in to us the faster we can pay you your £££’s.

NEW- is worth £5.00 USED- is worth £5.00
NON WORKING- is worth £5.00

Turn Your HTC Shift into Cash!

Not only will you receive a generous price for your HTC Shift you will also receive three bonuses. Bonus Number 1 = a FREE mobile phone accessory for your current phone, worth at least £10 - £15 in the shops. Bonus Number 2 = a FREE Mystery Gift, although this changes frequently it's sometimes worth more than your phone itself! Gifts in the past have included FREE entry to top UK attractions, FREE food and drink and even the chance to appear in the audience of a popular TV show!

Regardless of the value of your phone you're eligible for one when you trade in your handset with us and so dont miss out. The last and in our view the most important extra is that for every phone we receive above £60 in trade in value, the owner of Premier Mobile Recycling will, out of his own pocket upload a further $5.00 to his Kiva Charity Micro-Lending Account on your behalf, Kiva deserves more than a sound bite and so click here to learn more about this incredible charity.