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Free Kiva Charity $5.00 “Loans that Change Lives”

For every phone that we receive over £60 in value, the managing director of Premier Mobile Recycling, Richard Howard will out of his own pocket upload a further $5.00 to the Kiva Charity micro lending account, funds that are used to provide those in third world countries with micro-loans that allow them become more self-sufficient.

Kiva2Kiva in our view is the most awesome charity out there, they don’t give money to those in third world countries and help get out of a temporary crisis, instead Kiva lenders (made up of individuals and organizations from around the world) lend their money to entrepreneurs in third world countries who use the money to setup up or grow their own business which allows them to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on charity or their government. They improve their living conditions, that of their family and that of their local community. They may use the money to by more seeds so they can have a greater harvest, buy more animals for their farm, add more products in their shop or for many other reasons.

This beauty of Kiva is that the person or group you choose to lend the funds to receive 100% of the funds. With some large charities a proportion of their charitable income is off-set against their employees wage bills, direct mail costs. TV advertising etc. It’s also hard to tell how much money that’s put into a pot goes directly to those who need it most vs those that dont (such as corrupt Governments overseas or dictators) with Kiva all of the money that you decide to loan to x person goes to that person.

How Kiva is Changing the World in 1 minute & 13 Seconds…


Kiva is in 60 countries from around the world and has people on the ground at these sites to ensure that the money goes where it should and is used for what it’s supposed to be used for. Kiva further protects borrowers by only providing one person or group in a particular community with a single loan. The community does not access to any further Kiva funds until that loan has been repaid therefore others in the village help ensure that the lenders’ loan is repaid in full and on time. Due to this social responsibility and although the money is lent to some of the poorest people in the world the default rate is typically just 1%. Therefore you’d expect to receive at least £99 back on a £100 loan to an entrepreneur in Africa.

How Trading in Your Phone Will Directly Help…

meFor every phone that Premier Mobile Recycling receives above £60 in value, I will personally add a further $5.00 will be uploaded to my own Kiva Account. This money will be loaned to those who need it most for at least 12 months and this wont affect the price you receive for your phone, this five bucks will come out of my own pocket. Kiva micro loans in $25 increments and so for every five phones that comes in will create another loan. To date I have uploaded over $158,000 to date and with your help I intend to add MILLIONS of pounds to the account over the next few years. Although the loan will be coming out of my own account you should feel proud that you are directly helping those in 3rd world countries by selling your mobile to Premier Mobile Recycling. Money that goes directly to those who need it most, not to some corrupt government or ruthless dictator where only some or part of the money goes to where it should. If you’d like to join me and a million other Kiva lenders by helping to eliminate poverty, not by throwing money to help some overcome some temporary crisis but helping them help themselves so that it can help them more so stand on their own two feet. More about Kiva >>>


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