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Free Mystery Gift Worth £££’s

Every phone that we receive whether it be working or broken, a Nokia 3210 or an iPhone 5 comes inclusive with it’s own FREE “mystery” gift. The gift changes frequently however in the past these gifts have included FREE tickets to top UK attractions,FREE food & drink and even the chance to be the audience of top TV show. Many times the gift is worth even more than the price of the phone customer has traded in! Don’t think you’re going to get an elastic band, napkin or something else that’s worthless rubbish we can assure you that our gifts have VALUE.

mysteryOur customers love the fact that they also get a freebee as well as a generous price when trading in their old mobile phone with Premier. This comes down to our philosophy that we believe that customers should expect MORE than just a great price when trading in their mobile phone and with Premier they love the fact that they get more. At the time of writing we’re the only recycler to offer more than a cash or credit voucher amount to their customers, we offer a free gift, free mobile accessory worth £10-£15 and a free Kiva loan in our opinion NO recycler offers more value then Premier.

I shouldn’t really tell you this, but I’ll tell you what some of the gifts have been in the past so that you have an idea what you’d be looking at. You’ll receive this gift even if you trade in some brick of a phone that’s 20yrs old and doesn’t even work. Gifts in the past have included…

  • FREE Tickets to Thorpe Park, Alton Towers or Chessington World of Adventures
  • FREE Family Ticket to National Trust Properties throughout the UK 
  • FREE Computer Games
  • FREE Tickets to Popular Events, Trade Shows or Seminars
  • FREE Wall & Loft Insulation for Your House

As you can see these are gifts have real value and they could well be worth more than the price of your phone! To confirm you’ll get this gift in ADDITION to the great price on the website, this isnt some either or deal. Encase you were wondering we are able to secure deals like these as we have such large quantities of phones and customers that use our service on a daily basis and so because of this we can often secure bulk deals from suppliers that we’re then able to pass onto you our customers as a freebee. How nice is that? Hey, in many cases we wouldn’t have got these great deals if it wasn’t for you our customers.

Encase there are any skeptics out there, no, you don’t need to dial some 090 £1.50 per minute number to redeem your gift, it will be sent out to you alone with your cheque with no need for you to jump through hoops, fill in some long questionnaire or any such nonsense. 

Remember when dealing with Premier you have the right at any time to request that your phone be returned and so if you’re not happy with any part of our service, if something wasnt as described then just let us know and we’ll return your handset for FREE, no questions asked.

What’s Today’s Mystery Gift? Now that would be telling, I can’t reveal what it is… sorry, however I can assure you that it’s in par with the quality of products and services that we’ve given away in the past so remember to bear that in mind when deciding where to trade in your mobile.