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Gave me the price they promised, no chipping away at it when I sent it in, payment was received pretty quick.

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Sell My Mobile

Whether you have a 10yr old phone, a broken mobile or you’re just upgrading to the latest handset there is value in your old mobile phone. Don’t do what the majority of people do and stick in it some draw. Mobile phones are like cars they ONLY go down in value, the older the handset and the more of them on the market there are the lower the value of your mobile. Find out Your Mobiles Value here >>>

The best time to cash up your old mobile is NOW, the phone wont increase in value tomorrow. As you can see from our website prices in the market fluctuate so much that we can only guarantee prices for a certain amount of time before the rate has to be decreased.

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Premier Recycling vs eBay

Recycling a phone is SO much easier then selling it on eBay and you typically receive a better price and save yourself a lot of hassle when you take into account the time of listing the mobile, paying eBay’s insertion fee’s, waiting up to 10 days to sell it, hopefully getting a fair price, paying eBay and no doubt PayPal’s fees, usually around 10% of the sale price and then posting it to the buyer selling it on eBay isn’t as hassle free as selling to a recycler. With a mobile phone recycler, you (1) find the price of your phone, (2) send it in the post (3) wait for your payment! Plus with us you do NOT need to send us the charger or box or polish your phone or anything, we buy phones that are new, second hand and even broken.

What Happens to Your Phone?

Ok so what happens to your phone after you send it to us, well we… recycle it. Yep, even if your mobile is a few years old there are people in Eastern Europe, The Middle East or Africa who are more than happy to use it. Some of the mobiles or “cell phones” released in the USA or in Europe are either not released overseas to some regions or released much later so that’s why phones in the UK and US have MORE value abroad.

How about that? Usually the UK is all about IMPORTING stuff from these regions, mobile phones is one of those industries where the West is cheaper as that’s where Apple, Nokia, HTC, BlackBerry etc can sell the most amount of their latest high priced smart phones.