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Gave me the price they promised, no chipping away at it when I sent it in, payment was received pretty quick.

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Sell Broken Mobile

You have two choices when it comes to a broken mobile phone. They are…

(1) Sell the phone to us and we’ll recycle it for you

(2) Send your phone to us and we’ll repair it.

You can choose. If you’ve got a swanky mobile that’s worth a few bob then it could well be worth sending it in for repair. We have highly trained technicians that perform near miracles bringing mobiles back from the dead and so contact us today to see what we can do.

If you choose to have it repaired our technician will contact you with a diagnosis of the phones problems and what it would take to fix it. You can then decide whether you want to have it repaired, have it returned or sell it to us in exchange for a cheque. If you decide to go ahead with a repair and we cannot bring the handset back to life then..

“If we cant fix your phone then we GUARANTEE to buy it”

As you can imagine we pay out technicians on an hourly basis and so it does not make us offering fixed prices for repairing phones that are not worth the time or have a high chance of not being able to be repaired. So when we quote for a repair you should feel confident that there’s good chance your mobile can be saved.

Water Damaged Phones

Unlike many other mobile phone recyclers and certainly most mobile phone insurance companies’ they do not repair or even touch mobile phones that have been water damaged. We do. Yep we use a special formula that absorbs any liquid, helps eliminate corrosion on the component parts and often brings the mobiles back to life. Corrosion on the logic board is such a common problem that our highly trained technicians and our special formula can remove.

Tips for Water Damaged Phones

(1) If your mobile becomes water damaged do NOT charge it. As you know water is a conductor of electricity and so you will cause more damage to your mobile if you plug it in for charging. Charging it will reduce the chances that it can be repaired.

(2) If  just one or two parts of your phone are not working like the camera is no longer working, there is some pixel damage to the screen then it

(3) Don’t place it in the microwave, that’s just daft.

(4) Act as soon as you can, the longer you wait the less chance they’ll be to save it.

(5) Think twice before sending your phone off to your mobile phone insurance company, they most likely have a “if we find water damage we don’t have to even try to repair it” clause and so it’s just going to be returned to you wasting you time and postage costs.

(6) Don’t sell the phone on eBay, to a shop, to a friend or to a recycler without first getting a quote for repairing your mobile, you’ll sell it for up to 70% less if it’s sold as non working. You should seriously consider having your mobile repaired so that you can continue using it or repaired so that you can sell it for MORE than you’d get for it for scrap.

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