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Gave me the price they promised, no chipping away at it when I sent it in, payment was received pretty quick.

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Have a Broken Mobile?

Premier truly is everything mobile, we’re in the recycling, wholesale, retail and repair trade business and so yep if you need your old phone repaired we can help you out.

As we repeatedly tell people, whether you have a 10yr old phone, one that hasn’t worked for years or you’ve just upgraded your handset there is CASH in your old mobile. Even if it’s just the metal that can be extracted when melting down your mobile. If you through it away you’re literally throwing away money! In regards to your faulty phone you can do one of two things…

(1) You can send your phone in for repair, our technician will conduct a free diagnosis of the handset to identify the problem/s one of our agents will then call you with a quote with what it will cost to have it repaired from which you can either agree to go ahead with it or you can choose to have it returned in the post. You will not have to pay for the technicians time if you choose not to go ahead.

As you can imagine plastic buttons and screens and a little ribbon which when purchased in wholesale numbers can be a matter of pence each and so do not presume that sending  a phone in for repair will leave you with a large bill. Many are pleasantly surprised how cheaply their phone can be brought back to life for.

Our in-house repair team has an extensive experience repairing handsets going back even as far back as the early days of the Nokia and Siemens mobiles back in the 90’s they have kept up to date with each new release and can already repair the iPhone 5. We monitor daily the time and success rate that each technician achieves so that we can ensure that our customers continue to get the lowest repair costs possible, we also provide on-going training so that our team stays on point with the best repair techniques.

>> Guaranteed Mobile Phone Repair <<

Broken Mobile Phones

If you’ve already tried to claim off your mobile phone insurance you’ll know that there are a number of loop holes that “insurers” use where they wont even bother to try and repair your phone, the most common being water damage. If they find out it’s been water damaged they’ll slap a B.E.R sticker on it (beyond economical repair) and send it back to you in the post saying “your problem, read small print page 753 saying we don’t have to try fix water damaged phones”. We think that’s grossly unfair and so we have a devised a win-win scenario.

If you sent us a water damaged phone and you agree to the quote to repair it if we are unable to bring it back to life we’ll not only not charge you a penny for the time and parts but we’ll offer you to buy the phone from you. That’s right….

“Guaranteed  = If we fail to repair your phone, we’ll buy it.”

(2) Ok so that’s the option if you want the phone back, the second option is that you can sell your broken phone to us straight out and we’ll cut you a cheque. It can have a broken screen, missing parts and even have suffered water damage but we’ll still be happy to pay for it and take it off your hands.

Simply search for your mobile on the website, then when clicking on the listing see the “Non-Working” price this is the rate we pay for broken phones. As you can see we also offer some very competitive prices for phones that don’t even power on! And so be sure to take advantage of the chance to turn your busted mobile into cash.

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