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Sell My iPhone Fast – Sell iPhone 4, iPhone 5 for Cash (Any Model)

In recent years the company Apple have dominated the smart phone market in the USA, UK, Europe and many other regions with their legendary Apple iPhone devices. Starting out with their Apple iPhone which came in 8gb, 16gb and 32gb sizes they have successfully released model after model of successful devices every 2yrs. The iPhone devices have no physical keypads where as prior to their launch the popular Blackberry devices where popular with their mini keyboard for typing and dialing numbers.

Apple were primarily known for decades as a computer manufacturer now have a huge percentage of the smart phone market as well as a dominate force in the music industry with their iTunes music download system that is only compatible with Apple devices. Since the launch of the first iPhone through to the 2012 release of their highly anticipated iPhone 5 each model has outsold the last with millions of iPhone 5′s pre-ordered and millions more purchased on the day of it’s release however many of their competitors have been learning from Apple’s successes and failures and been catching up with what some have seen as an unstoppable force. The Samsung Galaxy phones have taken a chunk out of Apple’s market and Sony also has been more aggressive in the last 2yrs in closing the gap on Apple. Due to this many in the mobile industry believe that Apple’s success may have peaked due to the aggressiveness & continuous innovation of their competitors.

Having said that the momentum of the iPhone devices has been like no other smartphone in history. They are universally known as an easy phone popular with both young and older consumers and customers with it more than likely that those who have one iPhone device when it comes to upgrading they’ll be purchasing another upgraded iPhone model. Due to their universal appeal they hold much of their value with even the original models still worth £££. Therefore dont forget to turn your old Apple iPhone into cash today…

Apple continue to enjoy a very loyal following with many loyal to their computers, MP3 playing devices, smart phones and so it will be hard for any competitor to move the die hard fan over to their brand however those who seek the latest gadget, gizmo or feature are up for grabs. With the tragic death of Apple’s founder Steve Jobs the jury is still out on whether we have seen the peak of Apples’ success in the smart phone market. With their ethos being that they see themselves at the cross road between art and technology it’s likely that there is much more to come from one of the worlds most successful and innovate companies.

Many companies such as Google are experimenting with “smart glasses” where you can watch TV, trawl the internet, make calls etc by wearing a pair of these futuristic glasses therefore the next generation of smart phones in a decade or so’s time may not be anything like what we see today. The equivalent of a laptop computer in your hand may evolve into a pair of shades that respond to either voice commands or eye movement with the good old iPhone 5 down as a “classic” and ridiculously out of date. Although it’s inevitable that if successful this will be a market that Apple will be looking to also dominate.