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Apple iPad 2 16GB with Wi-Fi

Apple iPad 2 16GB with Wi-Fi
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Ipad 2 is one of the exclusive gadgets out in the market at the moment. The addictive, fresh looking iPad 2 is thin, light and faster than the original previous iPads. Stunning machine with the latest programmes and processor. Featured by 16 GB memory capacity which is more than you need just to download data and iOS 6 operating system which gives the iPad an outstanding theme making it look stylish and making the actual iPad fast and responsive. The iPad is used for many occasions such as business, socialising, and many other needs. As many of you Apple fans know, apple is the top company in the market globally which is doing a good job with their latest gadgets.

Apple introduced this iPad 2 with a 9.7inch multi touch screen followed by a LED backlit display with IPS technology and fingerprint resistant coating. As many of you fans may know the iPad 2 has 2 official colours which are black and white. There are millions of things to do on the iPad such as watching movies, listening to music, flicking through pictures, browsing the internet and socialise with people via apps and internet.

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Not just that but there are also useful apps that come in handy such as notes, word documents, sending emails, map navigations, watching TV and so on and so forth. Furthermore, you can also download apps that will help you travel and benefit you. It will let you view your flight time if going on holiday or it will let you see what time your next bus or coach maybe arriving… so this is really beneficial in many ways.

The battery life on this amazing iPad is incredible. You could be using the iPad all day and the battery will still survive. These are some of the key features which you may like to read … 2 cameras, HD video recording, Up to 10 hours battery life, over 65, 000 apps available on the App store and it has Bluetooth. I hope you go purchase it as you will have a good experience!