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Apple iPhone 16GB

Apple iPhone 16GB
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To start of with IPhone 3gs is a better and upgraded version of the iphone 3g. IPhone is a really nice medium sized pocket phone with curved chrome edges which makes the phone look so attractive. The phone officially comes in the 2 colors which is white and black but can be changed if wanted to do so. The phone its self comes in different memory sizes such as 8 GB 16 GB and 36 GB depending on which one you may want to purchase but they are different prices is well. The 3gs is a touchscreen phone making it easy for iPhone fans to use by making it smooth, fast, and easy.

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The size of the screen is 3.5 inches followed by colors which is 16.77m and lastly followed by resolution which is 320×480 pixels. Apple runs the world’s largest app store called iTunes on iPhones which is loved by many. The thing that everybody loves about iPhone is their app store called iTunes.

The app store is a place of excitement, somewhere to search, see and experience new apps where you can enjoy all the apps and be content with it. ITunes doesn’t only have apps but they also have movies, music, videos … so on and so forth … so what you waiting for go look up iTunes and purchase the phone! The iPhone 3gs has a good processor and memory allowing you to download many apps and media files. The battery of this phone is excellent! As its designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after full charge so you can use to phone as much as you want. This phone is for everything. Everyday use, media, socializing… in my opinion you will definitely be content with this phone.