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Sell Blackberry Mobile Phone Fast | Mobile Recycling

The Blackberry was created by a company called Research in Motion, a Canadian company focused on electronics and computer science consulting. This company was founded in 1984 and by 1988 was primarily focused on wireless data transmissions. This was mainly used for business and commercial applications like processing credit card purchases. In 1993 they developed a way to send and receive text messages and released a product called the inter@ctive Pager in 1996. This was an expensive product at the time but the technology involved in it was unbeatable and there was simply nothing else like it. Most people were just now getting used to reliable mobile phones recently put on the market by Nokia and other companies but they were voice only, no data.

In 2000 the first Blackberry was released and was larger than the older RIM 950 that had a six line display. You could use it for two way paging, sending data and basic e-mail. You could also read certain pages that were formatted just for the Blackberry. The small QWERTY keyboard offered something familiar that was quick to send messages with and was an instant phenomenon. The screens at this point were still that green and black style sort of like the old Gameboy people played Tetris on but they were very easy to read and extremely durable.

2002 ushered in the 6710 and 6720 model of Blackberry and these featured microphones, speakers and the amazingly popular “walkie-talkie” feature. If you went to a mall or large park any time between 2002 and 2005, you were guaranteed to see parents and kids using this feature as it didn’t count as “airtime” and let you keep in contact with someone else either on your plan or with the same model Blackberry.

The Blackberry most of us are familiar with on sight is the 2003 Charm, the first one directly aimed at consumers that was replaced by the much upgraded Pearl in 2006. The Pearl and similar models were so popular they often went by the name “Crackberry” and became an instant status symbol. If you didn’t have one, you just weren’t cool at the time. This all changed as Apple and Samsung really started to take hold with their touchscreen phones and today, Blackberry has the Z10 and Q10 to compete on all fronts. The Z10 is very much a traditional touchscreen smartphone while the Q10 is a smartphone with that familiar QWERTY keyboard layout.