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Blackberry Curve 9360

Blackberry Curve 9360
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Blackberry is a good, nice smartphone which is very well known globally specially for its social networking app which is BBM also known as Blackberry Messenger. The app is very addictive but it keeps you in contact with family members, friends and relatives. Control the world in your hands with a blackberry handset. In the earlier years when Blackberry was introduced, it was mainly known for business use such as, messaging, secure mailing and so on and so forth. But as time went past, it got popular with young teenagers and middle aged people because of the blackberry messenger, sms text and other messaging apps. The reason why there are so many blackberry users is because of the keyboard which is known as a QWERTY keyboard. It’s very easy to type, basically like a computer keyboard but a small version of a phone.

Furthermore, Blackberry even have their own app store called Blackberry App world which is full of various different apps which might suit your like. It’s not the best app store but the apps are very good and simple. Blackberry app world is also known globally as the company Blackberry have stepped up their game in the Marketing world. In fact Blackberry messenger is so common, the company is making BBM (blackberry messenger) also available on every single phone and app stores such as iTunes and android meaning all the phones that have android play store and iTunes can access and download the app.

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As there are many models such as blackberry storm, blackberry curve, blackberry bold and blackberry torch. Blackberry curve 9360 is the first smartphone which is the first member of the popular Blackberry curve family to have Blackberry’s latest 0s7 operating system. Blackberry 0s7 is a powerful operating system which helps and supports any blackberry its self. It’s very fast, responsive and good for everyday use.

Compared to older Blackberry curve models the 9360 is very different indeed, it looks incredibly smart with its jet black finish (or white or others, whatever official colour you prefer) and chrome detailing. It’s a nice thin, small, pocket size phone but it’s not super slim. The 9360 is the upgraded version and much better version of the previous blackberry curve phones as keyboard is more responsive and a lot nicer to type on than the previous blackberry curve devices, and the track pad also lights up around the edged which looks very attractive. The mobile phone itself is fast but not superfast. The phone includes mobile network, NFC (near field communication), WI-FI and 3g, so imagine that.

That will make the phone supersonic fast. The screen of the blackberry curve 9360 is 2.44-inch screen and has a 480 x 660 resolution and really looks like a quality display. On the left hand side of the phone is the micro USB charging/syncing port, while the right has both a volume controller and convenience key. Up top you have the standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a lock button that’s not touch sensitive. The blackberry 9360 is a good phone for everyday use as it has made many users happy. I would definitely recommend you to purchase this item. What you still waiting for? Go look up and purchase the item. You will definitely be happy with it.

These are some of the key features and specifications about Blackberry 9360: 5mp camera with flash, VGA Video recording (640×480), Wi-Fi and 3G to name but a few. The price of this phone isn’t that expensive as there are lots of sales here and there. But when the phones been out for a while they price starts to decrease. But it also depends on the network you want to phone to be on, different networks cost different prices.