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Blackberry Gemini 9300

Blackberry Gemini 9300
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The blackberry is a spectacular phone with various coloured chrome outline around the phone. The phone it’s self is a normal size pocket phone with a QWERTY keyboard and a touch sensitive optical scroll pad to control the screen. The phone isn’t very small but it certainly isn’t large, the weight of the phone is 104g and the size of the screen is 2.46 inches. Many blackberry fans use the Blackberries to socialise with friends, families and relatives through blackberry messenger as its really easy to type with the immaculate, responsive and fast QWERTY keyboard.

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Blackberry 9300 is mainly used to sms text message, mms and Blackberry messenger (bbm) which is known for blackberry messenger but it’s also known for its other features programmes. As you may know the blackberry is quite fast and powerful as it has 3G which includes network connectivity through Wi-Fi and 3G and runs on Blackberry OS 5.0. The phones just not known for socialising and daily use but it’s also good for media use is well such has sending/receiving your songs, photos and videos captures on the 3.12 Mega pixel built in camera.  The 9300 has free 256 mb memory which is built in the phone but nevertheless there’s a memory card slot which takes up to 32 GB worth of data if you insert an extra memory card. Don’t under estimate this phone, it’s a great phone!

As I’m guessing you probably think what about everyday and use? Well let me get started this phone is full of programme’s for everyday use which is very beneficial such as Games, organiser, voice memo/dial, internet browser, Bluetooth, Maps and of course the phone includes one of the world’s most successful app stores which is blackberry app world which allows you to download different apps to keep you entertained and content.