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Sell My HTC Mobile Handset – Quickly and Easily!

HTC (High Tech Computer Corporation)is a very young company when you compare it to the big boys like Samsung and Sony but quickly built a reputation for delivering solid products at affordable prices. This company was founded in 1997 with the goal of creating a customized user experience on all fronts and having mobile devices that fit the needs of whoever is buying them. This company has a huge section dedicated to customer happiness and improvements based on “out of the box”thinking and observations instead of the standard focus groups.

Being a young company, their first few products didn’t see much action outside of Taiwan until 2002 when they began focusing on Pocket PC devices that ran with Microsoft operating systems. The Wallaby is probably one of their more familiar products in Europe among the portable organization style products that also worked as a mobile phone.

For most people, HTC wasn’t really on the radar until around 2008 when the HTC Dream was released. This phone ran early versions of Android up to 1.6, had a keyboard, wi-fi, gps and a very decent 3.2MP camera. When shopping for a phone in 08, there were so many choices with high prices, HTC was able to slip into the middle-ground arena and did so with much success. In the following years HTC spit out a massive amount of phones, each geared for a specific use such as being able to text quickly with a full slide out QWERTY keyboard or be able to play games, movies or music with large color displays and very responsive screens. HTC knew people wanted options so from 2010 on, they release their products in groups that handle Android, Windows 7 and currently Windows 8 mobile platforms.

The HTC Mozart (7) became a favorite in the UK and US because it offered one of the best cameras of all the affordable mobile phones out at the time in 2010. This model came with an 8MP camera capable of super clear pictures and HD video and was often cheaper to snatch up a 1-2 year contract with compared to some larger companie’s offerings like the iPhone or Galaxy. Alongside their phones they also put out the super popular HTC Flyer tablet that hit most stores at a relatively low price but with features of the most expensive tablets.

Today, the flagship HTC phone is the HTC One. This phone has gotten pretty much 5 stars across the board from review sites and professionals and gives you everything you could ever want in a mobile phone. Many people prefer HTC to their main competitor, Apple, because it has so many features, such a huge app store and lower price.

HTC will surely continue to put out extremely high quality products at great prices that can fit any specific need. They also often bundle their phones with very useful online services with partnerships with Dropbox and other popular online companies so you can keep all your pictures or information safe online as you use your phone on the go.