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Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music
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The Nokia 5800 is much more than a normal mobile Smartphone, Nokia has integrated a feature called XpressMusic which allows the phone to have a somewhat feel as an integrated iPod/music device which looks a way lot better than the original music player in the old series nokias. It also comes with full touch screen which means the screen is enormous with a magnificent  3.2″ TFT LCD 16:9 Touch Screen display , the disadvantage to this is that the touch screen is not the best it could actually be as it may touch a different application or key you wouldn’t of wanted to be pressed.

The Nokia 5800 Smartphone comes jam packed with great features such as downloadable Apps and also can visited with the Nokia store to download music, music videos and games and much more.   The Nokia 5800 comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera and flash, the downfall is the camera is not very good quality and some users do not get to see a proper high definition picture.  However the audio quality on the Nokia 5800 is excellent as it hold 2 superb quality speakers to provide a surround sound effect.

The Nokia 5800 has its microSD expansion slots up to 8 GB memory and has an internal memory of 128 MB.  However the Nokia 5800 doesn’t charge off the micro USB and only charges via the small pin Nokia charger.  The Nokia 5800 comes with a 3.5mm standard audio jack with FM radio MP3 and video player, It also has an integrated equalizer which provides better sound quality.

NEW- is worth £20.05 USED- is worth £7.05
NON WORKING- is worth £1.38

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The Nokia 5800 has an office document viewer and you are at a disadvantage to this as you cannot edit any documents on the mobile phone itself, You have a landscape view to the phone were you can use on screen virtual qwerty keyboard but is very difficult to use to the iPhone.

The Nokia 5800 Comes with a smaller screen compared to the latest iPhone for which does look the part with a bigger and colourful screen, the iPhone 4 comes with a retina display which is more colourful and more lightweight than other mobile phone displays.    Compared to the iPhone, the Nokia 5800 is more heavyweight which I found, whereby it lacks features and the iPhone comes with many apps you can download and you can also download them for free, it is also sturdy and robust as if you drop the Nokia 5800 it can easily break but with the iphone it is all secure.