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Nokia C7

Nokia C7
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Nokia C7 is a perfect serviceable and perfect smart phone at a decent price to use on a daily basis. Its slim metal case with a very long lasting battery life and indeed and has a lot of features and specifications. The design of the phone looks very official and attractive with chrome around the curved edges of the phone. The chrome makes the phone shine and glossy. It’s a touch screen, polished stainless steel phone with 3 customisable home screens and fully integrated social networks. Not only that but the phone is very powerful as it is built in with 680 MHz ARM 11 + 3D graphics HW accelerator, Symbian 3 os, 8 GB built – in, 256 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM-micro SD Card (supports up to 32gb).

The display size of the screen is 360 x 640 pixels with 3.5 inches as this is not bad for a type of phone like this which proves everything. The Nokia C7 has an 8 megapixel camera with flash at the back, video calling, and video recording. Furthermore it also has an mp3 player, gaming apps, browsing the internet and photography which is enough to keep you entertained. The Nokia c7 is also very useful because of these other applications which you may need to use on a daily basis such as Digital clock, Recorder, Calculator, Calendar and Notes.

NEW- is worth £20.05 USED- is worth £10.05
NON WORKING- is worth £2.05

Turn Your Nokia C7 into Cash!

Now you don’t need to take carry a notepad and pen or what everything you carry around because your smartphone includes everything you require. To keep you more entertained wherever you are for example if you’re travelling and your bored, you can also listen to FM radio which will keep you in good company and will update you with the latest news about everything and around the world. Who said you need to go on the computer to do work on PowerPoint, word or excel? When you can do work wherever you are on your phone.

And not just that but also view your Mail account and use it. To get to the point you can control the world in your hands. As many of you viewers might want to know the price of this phone, the price of this phone is anywhere in-between £100 – £200 but it also depends on the simcard is well, different simcards comes with different price when buying the phone. To get more info about this phone go and search up the phone as it is worth your while.