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Nokia E72

Nokia E72
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The nokia e72 is a simple phone as you can see but it definitely hit the mark for business use as it’s installed with many programmes and it also looks like a professional business phone. The phone has a QWERTY keyboard which means it’s much easier to use when you’re in a rush or even for business or other use. The phone is covered partly with stainless steel which looks very attractive, makes the phone shine and makes it look official. The e72 is a very powerful and an extremely stylish phone which would tempt people to buy it. The mobile phone is not big but its medium sized with a decent sized screen which is size of 2.4- inches with good resolution.

The nokia e72 has many good features and specifications which really come in good use. The connectivity is indeed very good as the phone supports 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS which would make your phone ultra-fast I mean you do want to send and receive messages as soon as possible right?

NEW- is worth £20.05 USED- is worth £8.17
NON WORKING- is worth £3.06

Turn Your Nokia E72 into Cash!

Well am telling you this is the phone for you without a doubt! The camera has is immaculate! It’s a 5 Megapixel camera with auto exposure, auto focus, flash, full screen viewfinder, red-eye reduction, self-timer and a sequence mode this is all you need to take good pictures and videos. With this amazing phone you can send and receive SMS, MMS, email and instant massaging. Control everything with this phone! Like I was saying earlier in my review this phone is very powerful as it has a good operating system which is supported by Symbian / s60 Symbian OS 9.3, the platform is supported by s60 3rd Edition, Feature pack 2 and lastly the java is supported by MIDP 2.0. Furthermore, the phone also has FM radio which will let you keep up to date with all your news wherever you are in the world. I’m sure this phones features are beyond your expectation… what you waiting for go search up the phone and purchase it as soon as possible!