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SPV Barcelona

SPV Barcelona
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With the high demand of mobile phones today there are many new ones coming out. One that has brought out is the spv-Barcelona with the HTC family. It has a very nice look to it. There are many people out here that like to be in with the new. They like the newest technical invention. This mobile phone has many good things. But there are also the things that can be improved. The new and bigger keypad is well liked. The buttons are big enough so the user does not touch different buttons. This is a plus because it is easier to use. The screen is also a good touch to this phone. It is somewhat wider and bigger so the things on it are seen easier. The camera also captures some good pictures. It has Bluetooth compatibility and also Wi-Fi. You can also use a USB cord with it as well. The audio format is MP3 and that is good since many people upload these types of files. The new style, look of this phone is also good. The back cover has a rubberish finish which makes the phone more comfortable to hold.

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The software on this phone is also something that can be improved. Battery life is one of the things that could be better. Depending on what you use the phone for though. If you use it for long periods of time, you may need to charge it a bit more. Another thing that is not top notch is the screen resolution. The screen of this phone is a bit smaller, so when you try to browse web pages, you cannot see much. This phone is just another addition to the HTC family. This new phone is very nice looking. it has its good features. Users have a better keypad to use. The buttons are bigger and many people like this. But also there are the things that need to be fixed. Even though it has things that need improving, this phone is well liked. There are many people that will use this phone and be satisfied with it.

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