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Affiliates & Resellers

There are four exciting opportunities that allow affiliates and re-sellers to profit from the thriving mobile phone recycling market. The big players such as Mazuma offer a commission of just 75p for phones recycled and Envirofone offer just £1.50 for each phone they receive from their affiliates!. We offer commissions on a sliding scale and pay a £4.00 commission on phones above £185 in value. The IPhone, HTC, and Samsung’s of the world which are the handsets that we primarily target. Already an Affiliate? Click here>>> Want to sign up? Click here >>>

4 Ways to Profit from Mobile Recycling

These range from standard affiliate banners, buttons and text links to having the ability to add your own search bar to your website all the way through to having your own “done for you” white label mobile phone recycling site where you just attract the customers and we do the rest such as checking in the handsets, finding wholesale buyers, the customer service aspect.


(1) Affiliate Banners, Buttons & Text Links

You can add our standard website banners to our website and for every sale that we receive you will receive a commission based on the value of the phone for every handset that we receive. You’ll receive the exact same commission whether its a new or returning customer. They are…

Tier 1 £0.00-£10.00 = £0.50          Tier 2 £10.01-£35.00 = £1.30

Tier 3 £35.01-£65.00 = £1.80         Tier 4 £65.01-£125.00 = £3.00

Tier 5 £125.01-£185.00 = £3.50      Tier 6 £185.01+ = £4.00

(2) Search Bar Tool on Your Website

We find that search boxes embedded on other websites can massively out pull standard website banners. An example of the search bar can be found at:  http://affiliate.premiermobilerecycling.co.uk as you can see the animation on the search box and ability for the user to enter their mobile phone’s make and model on your website is so much more convenient than clicking on a banner and arriving at a mobile recyclers website and then having to search for their mobile from there. This tool allows you add two blocks of code to your website which then allows you to basically become a mobile phone recycler under your own brand! You can even choose the background and border colors of the search bar (works just like Google AdSence). Get your Search Bar here >>>

(3) Price Comparison Tool on Your Websiteaff-searchbar

We can provide you with a search bar to add to your website like the one found at:  http://pricecomparison.premiermobilerecycling.co.uk/ once a user enters the phone they are looking to recycle it sends the user to an unbranded price comparison results page an example of which can be found by clicking here or we can provide you with the website code for you to display the results on your own website. Example here, of one of our affiliates who has decided to keep the results page and search bar on their website. Get your price comparison tool here >>>

(4) Your own Mobile Recycling Website (White Labelled)

We can provide you with your own ready made mobile phone recycling website which quite simply is a clone of our website with your own www. website name, own branding, logos and color schemes. It also includes 2200 pages and pictures of every major mobile phone in the market from the Nokia 3210 to the latest iPhone 5 as well as the option to either have your prices mirror ours our the option to set your own prices and therefore control your own profit margins. The customer service aspect, sending payment, the technician checking in the phone, the wholesalers who buy the stock from us are all taken care of by us. All you need to do is promote the site and attract the custom, we’ll do the rest for you. In regards to commissions it’s a 50/50 profit share. This programme is only those who either have clients or customers who operate in the marketing space or for internet marketers who intend to earn tens of thousands of pounds a year from their own recycling site. You can find out more about our white label solution here >>>