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White Label Mobile Recycling Website

recycle-phone-graphicWe are providing those who already operate in the mobile phone industry or are savvy internet marketers the opportunity to own their own fully managed mobile phone recycling website. By fully managed we mean that all you need to do is attract visitors to your recycling site, we do the rest, such as checking in the phone, provide the customer service, find buyers for the phones etc. This package includes your own website name, full branding, your own logo and colour scheme and over 2200 web pages and pictures of mobile phones ranging from the classic Nokia 3210 all the way to the iPhone 5. It takes just 7-10 days for your website to go live with full branding.

What’s Included with the Website…


Obviously it’s within our interest to help you make your website a success as if you don’t make money or sales then neither do we. Therefore you will be allocated with a dedicated Account Manager who will help you get the maximum value out of your website. As you have an actual website you don’t need to worry about the affiliate link working, the cookie expiring or being deleted as you have your own www. website name and so all sales will be accredited to you.

What Support is Included…


Who Does What?

The below table explains the roles for both parties.


Commissions & Earnings

The big boys in mobile phone recycling like Mazuma offer just 75p for each phone their partners provide them with and Envirofone aren’t much better offering just £1.50. The lion’s share of the profits are kept at the top of the tree and not dispersed with those who do all the work getting the customer to use their recycling service i.e. the work you did!

We think that’s totally unfair and so with a white label website we offer our partners a straight down the middle with a 50/50 spilt. This is a pretty good deal for you when you consider what we have to do vs what you have to do! We’re proud to be the only recycler that offers terms as generous as this. Earnings vary on the volume of phones that your website receives however the maths are pretty self-explanatory…

50 phones a day x £7 margin x 30 days a month = £10,500.00 per month profit

100 phones a day x £7 margin x 30 days a month = £21,000.00 per month profit

200 phones a day x £7 margin x 30 days a month = £42,000.00 per month profit

Again these vary on the results of your website and what our wholesalers are willing to pay however with 60m phones in the UK with the average person upgrading every 12-18 months you can see why the recycling market continues to boom. This package will allow you to claim your piece of the action and partner with us, one of the UK’s most aggressive purchasers of mobile phones.

Criteria & Setup Costs

pound-signWe are not looking to offer the opportunity to everyone, there is an application process that you will need to complete so that we can confirm that a partnership would be desirable and mutually beneficial to both parties. There is a £995 + VAT launch fee which includes your website setup and branded as well as all items listed above under support. Depending on the volume of sales that you provide we may be able to waive the modest monthly fees for web hosting, keeping the website up to date etc, this can be agreed with your account manager. If you do not qualify for the White Label solution we should be able to offer our Affiliate Programme.

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