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Envirofone Mobile Phone Recycler Review

Today, there are a number of companies that offer to buy mobile phones and devices from customers who no longer want or need these items. The device recycling program has become not just environmentally friendly, but it can also be lucrative to the customers who take advantage of it.

EnviroEnvirofone is one of the biggest companies in this market. Over 3 million customers have been successfully served since the firm was established in 2005. Yet, with so many phone and device recyclers to choose from, it is important to know the details about any company that one is considering using, as well as how the entire selling and payment process works with each. But first does Envirofone offer a better price then Premier Mobile Recycling? Find out below…

How the Process Works

The process of selling a mobile phone or device and receiving payment can be broken down into three fast and easy steps. These are:

  • Find the Make and Model of the Phone or Device – When ready to begin the process, customers can look up the make and model of their mobile phone or device. Prices for what each is worth are listed on the company’s website – so it is known up front how much the customer will be paid for their item.
  • Send in the Phone or Device – The company provides customers with a padded envelope and a freepost address label in order to send in their item.
  • Receive Payment – Once the phone or device has been received and verified, customers will be sent an email to confirm their payment date. Depending on the method of payment that the customer has chosen, funds may be received within just one or two days.

More than 99% of the phones that are purchased by Envirofone are used again. In many instances, the devices are refurbished and then sold to developing nations in order to help develop fledgling communication networks.

Even non-working phones will not clutter up area landfills. Instead, if a phone or device is beyond repair, it is sent to a recycling plant. Here, it will be broken down and the valuable components such as its metals are then extracted from it.

Envirofone Advantages

There are many benefits to using Envirofone in order to complete a mobile phone or device recycling transaction. These advantages include:

  • Price Promise – The company offers great prices to those who want to sell an unwanted or unneeded mobile phone or device – and they promise to pay the price that is stated on their website or they will send the items back to the customer completely free of posting charges.
  • Fast Payments – Customers can typically receive their payments quickly and easily. Payments are typically processed within 2 hours of the company receiving and testing the customer’s mobile phone or device.
  • Several Payment Options – There are several different options for receiving one’s payment, including cheque, bank transfer, and Argos vouchers.
  • Working and Non-Working Items Are Accepted – In addition to receiving cash for working devices, customers can also sell phones that are in non-working order. The company will test each individual item and then offer a price to the customer based on the item’s condition. If the customer is not happy with the price that is quoted, they will receive their item back free of any posting charges.
  • Mobile Memory Wiper – In order to prevent customers’ personal information getting into the hands of others, the company provides a mobile memory wiper. This will help the customer to delete all of their contacts, texts, photos, and other information prior to sending the phone out to be sold.
  • Free Posting Service – As soon as a customer commits to selling their phone or device via Envirofone’s website, the company will send out a Freepost envelope. Upon receipt of this pack, the customer can pack up their item and send it to the company free of charge.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) - When receiving payment from Envirofone, the related information such as bank account numbers and personal details are kept secure via SSL secure technology.

Does Envirofone offer the best price? Find out what we can offer for your phone…

Customer Opinions

Many of Envirofone’s 3 million customers have provided feedback regarding their experience with the process of recycling their mobile phone or device. Here is what some of these individuals have to say:

“Really great company to deal with. It was quick and simple to send my phones off and Envirofone stayed in contact with me throughout the transaction, letting me know exactly where they were up to with the whole process. Couldn’t be happier. I would definitely recommend.  – Trust Pilot Review

Even though I organized this over Christmas, the service I received was excellent. Envirofone gave the highest money for my phone compared to other companies. The envelope was received within a couple of days and notification of getting the full amount was sent just as quickly! The money appeared in my account on the day that I was expecting it. Overall, I was very impressed with everything about the service and queries were answered very quickly. I would have no qualms about using this company again! - Trust Pilot Review

Really simple to use. You put in your phone details and accept the price. They send out the envelope, you post your phone and get the money directly to your bank account if you want. My husband is sorry he didn’t use Envirofone this time. - Trust Pilot Review

Where to Start

If you are interested in learning more about how to recycle your mobile phone or device through Envirofone, or if you are ready to begin the recycling process, go to: www.envirofone.com.