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Fonebank Reviews and Actual Customer Feedback – Fonebank.com

Fonebank ReviewToday, consumers are more conscious than ever about the environment – and one of the biggest ways to remain environmentally friendly is through recycling. Many consumers are unaware that instead of putting their old mobile phone in the rubbish container, they may be able to sell their device – making their “trash” quite lucrative! One of the top mobile phone buyers and recyclers is Fonebank. As the name implies, this company purchases mobile phones of numerous makes and models. However, the firm also purchases other devices such as iPods, iPads, tablets, and other types of electronic gadgets. Does Fonebank offer a higher price than Premier Mobile Recycling? Find out below…

Stepping Through the Process

The process of selling your mobile phone and receiving quick payment is easy. It is typically completed in three primary steps. These include:

  • Search – The first step in the procedure is to search for the make and model of the phone or device that you intend to sell. As there are numerous types of gadgets to choose from, it is important to match this information correctly so that you will get an accurate quote on the price to be paid for your item. You can begin by going to the home page of Fonebank’s website and typing in either the model or the IMEI for your mobile phone or device.
  • Post - Once you have determined the necessary information about your device, you should then post your item to the company. There are several options that you may choose in this step. You can opt to send your item via Freepost or to send special delivery. You may also choose to request a sales pack from Fonebank. (There are some exceptions that apply in this instance). For those who have 10 mobile phones or more to ship, you will be eligible for a free currier collection on your shipment. If you are in the vicinity of the company’s office, you can also choose to drop into the office in person and deliver your item this way.
  • Payment - Once the company has received your phone or device – and has also verified that it matches with the information that was provided – payment is typically issued the same day. Sellers can choose to receive their payment via bank draft or cheque. 

It is important to note that even if your mobile phone or device is in non-working order, it may still be purchased by Fonebank. If this is the case, contact the company directly so you can provide details about your item and to receive a proper quote.

Why Choose Fonebank?

Over the years, thousands of consumers have chosen to use Fonebank for selling their mobile phones or other related gadgets. Some of the benefits to doing so include:

    • Top Prices Paid – Fonebank has a reputation for paying top dollar for mobile phones, tablets, and other qualifying gadgets.


    • Free Postage – Customers who use the Freepost service or request a free sales pack will not need to pay postage costs for sending in their item. This can help to increase the bottom line amount that is ultimately received.


    • No Fuss Returns – If you are not completely happy with the price that is offered for your phone or device, the company will return it to you free of charge and with no questions asked.


    • Secure Website – All personal and financial information is secure and is kept private from third party sources.


    • Fast Payment – Payment is typically issued to customers on the day that their item is received and verified by the company.


    • Data Removal – BlackBelt Smartphone Defence is used to wipe all of your mobile device’s data. This helps to keep your information out of the hands of others. In addition, Fonebank also provides a free data removal tool.


    • Business Service – If you have a business that is looking to recycle a large number of mobile phones, the company has a specific service for doing so.


What Customers Have to Say About Fonebank

Fonebank has over 4,200 online customer reviews, and it has been ranked as “Excellent” with a 9.7 out of 10 score. Here is what customers are saying:

“Easy system and easy to send phone followed by swift payment. Couldn’t be better.”  - Simon Harris

“I used Fonebank because they offered me a reasonable price for both of my phones. The site was easy to use and I posted the phones Saturday afternoon. I received an email on Tuesday stating Fonebank had received my phones and that the cheque for the full amount would reach me in the next few days. I received the cheque the next day! I couldn’t ask for better service. I would definitely recommend Fonebank to anyone.”  – Kuldeep Sagoo

“I came across Fonebank two years ago and they offered the best price for the phone I had. When I had another phone to sell, they still offered the best price and the payment was as fast as always. Great company.”  – Angela Riley

Where to Get More Info

To obtain additional information on Fonebank with regard to how the process works, or if you are ready to sell your mobile phone for cash right now, visit: www.fonebank.com. You will be able to immediately determine how much your current phone is worth, as well as the most popular types of phones that are currently selling.