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Mobile Phone Xchange Review and Customer Opinions

Consumers today have become much more environmentally conscious. The good news is that there are options for individuals to do the right thing for the environment, while also making some extra money in the process.

One way to do so is to sell unwanted or unneeded mobile phones. There are many companies today who offer payment for these items – and oftentimes, the devices can be shipped to the buying company for free. Mobile Phone Exchange is one such company. This mobile phone recycling service offers consumers cash for their old mobile phones – and with just a few easy steps, phones can be sold and money received.

Company History

XchangeMobile Phone Xchange was established in 2005 when the company founders determined that there was a gap in the market for mobile phone recycling. Many of these unused devices were either gathering dust in closets or drawers, or they were needlessly filling up landfills.

By allowing people the opportunity to turn their old mobile phones into cash, the company has been able to make a difference in communities such as sending handsets to developing countries in order to help in building these areas’ economies. Can Premier offer a better rate than Mobile Phone Xchange?  Find out below…


How the Process Works

The process of selling one’s mobile phone for cash is easy. First, the make and model of the phone should be entered into the website. Here, you will be able to determine exactly how much the company is paying for specific types of phones on any given day.

Next, should the consumer opt to move forward with the process, the phone will need to be sent to Mobile Phone Xchange. Once the phone has been received by the company, it will be checked and verified in order to ensure that all of the information matches up with what the consumer stated on the website. 

Provided that all of the corresponding information is correct, payment will be made. There are a variety of options by which an individual may be paid for their old mobile phone. These options include:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque
  • PayPal
  • High Street Store Vouchers for Argos and Debenhams

In addition, for those individuals who may not have a bank account through which to receive payment for their phone, but who want to receive their payment in cash, Mobile Phone Xchange now offers payment via text message through i-movo, a unique payment provider. By using this service, customers can collect their funds from any one of over 20,000 convenience stores nationwide that are a part of the Paypoint network.

By using this process, once the payment is due to the customer, Mobile Phone Xchange will send the individual a text message using a unique reference number, as well as providing information as to the amount that is due. The consumer can then simply show the text message to a Paypoint retailer and cash may be obtained instantly. In most cases, there are also no corresponding charges or fees.

Why Use Mobile Phone Xchange?

There are a number of benefits to working with Mobile Phone Xchange when recycling your old mobile phone for cash. In addition to paying very competitive prices, the company makes the process easy, fast, and convenient.

For example, the company now provides mobile phone trade in services in more than 450 retail outlets. It also possesses more than 1000 call centre agents. In addition, Mobile Phone Xchange is also now completely integrated within Vodafone’s EPOS systems. This allows the company to provide cutting edge technology in offering their staff the facility to buy customers’ old mobile phones.

In addition, the company has unrivalled market knowledge, allowing it to accurately value used mobile phones, as well as to access the most profitable routes to market such items. This subsequently allows the firm to pay top prices for these devices from consumers.

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What Site Users Have To Say

Mobile Phone Xchange has helped numerous customers to obtain cash for their old mobile phones or other devices. Here is what just some of the company’s satisfied customers have to say:

“Brilliant, thanks a lot!”  – www.mobilephonexchange.co.uk reviewer

“Raided my Mum’s house and sent three phones. Got 65L cash! Taking her out to dinner as a thank you.”  – www.mobilephonexchange.co.uk reviewer

To Obtain More Information

In order to obtain additional information on how to exchange your mobile phone for cash, or if you are ready to begin the process of selling your phone now, go to: www.mobilephonexchange.co.uk. Here you will be able to get an immediate quote, so you will know exactly how much your mobile phone or device is worth.

If you are happy with the quote that you have received, simply follow the instructions to complete the shipping of your device – and, once your item has been received by the company, your payment will be received within just a few days.