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Money Saving Expert Review and Customer Opinions

Money Saving Expert ReviewMoney Saving Expert is a website that offers information on a wide variety of ways to both earn and save money. The company was founded by Martin Lewis over a decade ago in 2000. It is considered to be the biggest consumer website in the UK, helping in excess of 13 million site visitors to save money each month.

The website is focused on helping consumers to cut their bills, as well as to offer great price deals on products and services that are for sale. It also has a focus on assisting visitors in saving cash and campaigning for “financial justice.” Does Money Saving Expert offer higher prices then Premier Mobile Recycling? Use the below search bar to find out…

How Money Saving Expert Works

Any of the deals that are listed on the website are discovered via research that is done by the Money Saving Expert team. The saving and cash generating ideas are then provided to consumers via:

  • Weekly Email to Registered Site Users – Those who have signed up will receive a weekly email that outlines all of the latest tips, deals, guides, and loopholes. As more than half of the deals typically expire within one week, it is important for interested consumers to act quickly once they have received this email.
  • Money Saving Guides – The main website has a large number of different guides such as Budget Airline Fee Fighting and Cheap Gas & Electricity. It is recommended that site visitors begin by reading the Money Makeover guide.
  • The Money Saving Forum – In the Money Saving Forum, over 1 million current members can discuss ways to save money. Topics on the forum include discussions about becoming debt free as well as where to grab great bargains on products and services. 

In addition to money saving advice, the site also has its own campaigns coordinator who works to align the company with various charities and politicians in order to give the consumers’ point of view on a number of different important issues.

Getting Cash for Mobile Phones and Devices

One way that the website helps consumers to obtain additional funds is by offering a comparison of many of the mobile phone recycling companies. This can be done by going to www.mobilevaluer.com.

By typing in the select make and model, consumers can determine the approximate value of their mobile phone or device, as well as which of the recycling companies will pay top dollar for it.

The price that an individual can sell a mobile phone or device for can vary a great deal from site to site. Therefore, using this mobile valuer tool can help to quickly and easily compare which company is paying the most at a particular time.

Additional questions regarding the mobile phone selling process can also be answered via this site, including inquiries such as:

  • How you can send in your gadget
  • Which recyclers will purchase items that are broken
  • Why particular items are not listed
  • Whether that same item may or may not sell for more on eBay
  • What happens to phones and other gadgets once they have been purchased by a recycling company
  • How consumers’ personal data is treated

Just some of the mobile phone recyclers that are compared include top companies like:

  • Mazuma Mobile
  • CashInMyFone
  • Envirofone
  • Fonebank
  • MobileCash
  • PhoneRecycleBank
  • Simply Drop
  • Does Money Saving Expert offer a higher price for phones then Premier Mobile Recycling? Find out below…

Other Tools That Are Offered

There are a number of other tools that are offered by Money Saving Expert. These can help site visitors to save money in ways such as:

  • Budget Planner - This free tool helps consumers to analyze their finances and to scrutinize spending in unnecessary areas.
  • FlightChecker.com – This area of the website can help visitors to quickly find top airline deals.
  • Premium Bonds Calc – Here, consumers can use a unique tool that has been designed to show the probability of estimated winnings.
  • MegaShotBot.com – This tool quickly searches for the best shopping comparison websites on the Internet.
  • TuneChecker.com – This website, also developed by Money Saving Expert, finds the cheapest music products, such as CDs, albums, and singles.
  • CallChecker – CallChecker will assist users in finding the cheapest calls for any country.

What Consumers Are Saying

Consumers seem to really like the advice that they receive on the Money Saving Expert site. Some satisfied customers have this to say:

“Martin Lewis is my Guru. Saved me loads of money. Tips and ideas from this site can really help you through the minefields and traps within the finance world. Use his site – he will change your outlook on life.”  – Fkl Interiors

“I have used this website on many occasions and it’s always steered me in the right direction. Whether it was finding the right utility company, car insurance, credit card, home insurance, or even cheap calls abroad, I’ve never found anywhere cheaper / with better deals after buying / getting the deal, having followed the advice on moneysavingexpert.com. Hopefully they’ll keep up the good work.”  – Danae Panayiotidou

For Additional Information

For more information about Money Saving Expert, or to begin the process of obtaining or saving money, go directly to: www.moneysavingexpert.com. From there, click on the appropriate tab and begin to see the savings and/or the extra cash in the areas of your choice. There is no cost associated with using the services of this website.

In order to obtain specific information about selling a mobile phone or device, or to begin the process of actually selling such an item, go to: www.mobilevaluer.com. Here you can compare who pays the most for old mobiles and more.