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Gave me the price they promised, no chipping away at it when I sent it in, payment was received pretty quick.

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Music Magpie Review and Customer Opinions

With so many people using the Internet today, it has become easy to get cash if you want to sell your unused stuff. One of the most popular items to sell online is mobile phones. Mobile phone companies are constantly coming out with new models, leading more consumers to rid themselves of their unneeded former devices.

Money Magpie ReviewRather than simply putting these items in the trash, there are a growing number of companies that will purchase mobile phones, as well as tablets, and other electronic gadgets for cash – turning what was once considered trash into a lucrative item. One of the top online companies that purchases items such as mobile phones is Music Magpie. This company pays cash for unwanted mobile phones, as well as for old CDs and DVDs, video games, tech items and electronics. Does Music Magpie offer a higher price then Premier Mobile Recycling? Find out below…

How to Sell Your Old Mobile Phone for Cash

Regardless of the make and model of the mobile phone that you are selling, the process is quick and easy. First, you will need to simply go to the company’s website and type in the name or the IMEI number of your device. (In order to find your phone’s IMEI number, just enter *#06# into the phone’s handset. The number will then appear on the screen.)

Once this information has been entered, you will be able to obtain an updated quote on how much Music Magpie will pay your for your specific device. Should you decide to move forward with the process and sell the phone, all you need to do is send the phone into the company. 

In doing so, you can either use the company’s free send service – or you may opt to instead drop off your item at one of the over 5,000 local Send Shops. These shops are typically open 7 days per week – so dropping items off is convenient.

Alternatively, you may also use Music Magpie’s free insured courier service. If you go this route, you simply need to choose a pick-up date that suits you, and your item will be picked up for free – allowing you to make extra cash without the need to even leave your home.

Why Use Music Magpie?

There are a number of advantages to using Music Magpie. Just some of these include:

    • Convenient - The process of sending your mobile phone or device to the company is easy. This can be done either by posting for free (some exceptions apply) or by taking your item to a local Send Shop.


    • Fast Payment – Depending on the type of payment that you choose, you can have the funds for your mobile phone within just a few days.


    • Customer Support – The company offers exceptional customer support, and questions may be answered via phone or email.


    • Charitable Donations – The company is very involved with a number of different charities, allowing funds from customers’ sold items to be donated, if the customer so chooses.


    • Money for Schools – Music Magpie also allows a great way raise needed money for schools. If a number of items have been collected by students or the school, thes items may be purchased by Music Magpie for cash. Depending on the number of items, the company may arrange for a free courier collection for the items, and a cheque will usually be received within just 7 days.


    • Additional Sources of Funds – You may even obtain additional money for other items that you have for sale, such as CDs and DVDs, or video games.

Does Music Magpie offer higher prices for phones then Premier Mobile Recycling? Find out below…

How Are Payments for Mobile Phones Received?

There are four ways that Music Magpie offers payment to those who are selling their mobile phones. These options include:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque
  • E-Vouchers
  • Donations to a Charity

What Customers Feel About Music Magpie

While companies can usually promote themselves to the public, what really counts is hearing from satisfied customers. Here is what just a few happy mobile phone sellers have to say about Music Magpie:

“A very good experience with confirmation at every stage of the transaction as to current progress. Will certainly use again. Many thanks.”  – Feefo review

“Scanned in all my items on my phone, then received an email and downloaded the delivery details and a list of my items, took them to my local click and collect store; really simple transaction. Music Magpie kept me up-to-date with emails on the various stages of the process and money was transferred to my bank. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my friends and will definitely use them again.”  – Feefo review

“Very easy process, simple to send items for validation, useful email progress updates and the cheque arrived on time. Perfect!”  - Feefo review

How to Obtain More Information

For anyone who is seeking additional information about the mobile phone recycling process, or if you are ready to get cash for your old mobile phone right now, visit: www.musicmagpie.co.uk.