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Phones4Cash Mobile Review – Customer Feedback and Opinions

Phones4Cash is a website that helps consumers to compare all of the best mobile phone recycling deals on the Internet. The site is updated several times throughout each day so that visitors can receive the most recent pricing information when they are considering selling their mobile phone.

Regardless of what type of mobile phone one has – or how old it is – this company can provide a comparison of prices that are being offered by numerous different phone recyclers – even if the phone is damaged or non-working. 

How the Phone Recycling Price Comparison and Sale Works

Phones4Cash ReviewThis company does not transact the actual sale of consumers’ mobile phones, but rather it provides information to potential sellers on many of the top mobile phone recycling companies, as well as the prices that these entities are currently offering to pay.

In addition, there is also a Top 10 Phones section on the site that shows visitors which mobile phones are the most sought after at any given time, as well as the prices that are being offered for each. Does Phones4Cash offer a higher price then Premier Mobile Recycling? Find out below…

The process is easy, and it is broken down into three simple steps. These include:

  • Search – First, individuals who wish to sell their mobile phone may search for the make and model of the device. Once a site visitor has typed in this information, they will be taken to a page that lists each of the mobile phone buyers that are seeking that particular type of phone, along with the price that each of these companies is willing to pay. If one is unsure of their mobile phone’s exact model, there is a section on the site that will allow them to search via the phone manufacturer. (It is necessary to provide the specific mobile phone make and model in order to determine the price that a recycling company will pay.)
  • Select – Once the site visitor has reviewed the list of potential buyers, they can then select the company that they wish to continue the transaction with. In some instances, site users may also be able to earn additional money for their old mobile phone simply by using the Phones4Cash website to initiate their sales transaction.
  • Send - When the consumer has selected a recycling company, they will then need to send in their phone. In most cases, the seller should include the phone’s handset, along with a fully charged battery. However, accessories such as memory cards or chargers are not typically included. In many cases it may not be necessary that the phone is in working order. Many of the deals that are listed on Phones4Cash will provide both a “working” and a “non-working” price for the phone. In addition, there is no limit on the number of phones that may be recycled. Therefore, site visitors can recycle several phones at once if they choose to do so. 

Company Guarantees

In order to ensure that customers are satisfied with their transactions, Phones4Cash offers five promises. These include:

  • Providing of Completely Impartial Information – The company vows to offer customers completely impartial information with regard to all of the mobile phone recycling companies that they feature on their website. This includes ensuring that the information on the website is both up-to-date and accurate.
  • Thoroughly Listening To and Responding To All Customer Feedback - The company also promises to both listen to and respond to customer feedback in a timely manner. One of the best ways for customers and site visitors to provide feedback is on the Phones4Cash Facebook page.
  • Reviewing and Monitoring Mobile Phone Recycling Companies Regularly – The mobile phone recycling companies that are featured on the site are reviewed on an ongoing basis. If a company provides poor customer experiences and/or is consistently receiving customer complaints, the recycler will be removed from the site.
  • Displaying Genuine Prices – Genuine and up-to-date prices are always shown on the website. This helps customers to get an accurate comparison of where they will receive the best deal.
  • Offering a Great Customer Experience – The company promises that their site will be easy to navigate and use – and the firm welcomes any and all customer feedback that may help to provide even better service in the future. But does Phones4Cash offer higher prices then Premier Mobile Recycling? Find out below…

Customer Testimonials

Phones4Cash has a reputation for having great customer service. Here’s what some of the company’s customers have to say about their experiences:

I received my box to mail them my very old phone very quickly and then received my check from them very quickly as well.  – Usell.com review

Phones4Cash will turn your old (mobile) phone into cash. I sold my old Blackberry and it was worth almost $100 – and I really didn’t think it was worth anything! So, this was pretty amazing! So right now, go get your old phones and head on to Phones4Cash.com. You’ll be glad you did!  – usa.blogspot.com

For Additional Information

For anyone who is ready to sell their unneeded or unwanted mobile phone – or if you just simply want to get a better idea of what your mobile phone is worth – visit: www.phones4cash.com.