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Top Dollar Mobile Review and Customer Opinions

Over the past few years, it has become quite popular – and lucrative – for individuals to sell their old mobile phones and devices when they are no longer needed. In addition to keeping the landfills and environment cleaner, customers of phone and device recyclers can oftentimes receive top dollar for their item.

One company through which individuals may sell their devices is Top Dollar Mobile. This company’s process is easy and fast, and payment for their items is typically made to customers within five business days.

Top Dollar MobileTop Dollar Mobile has been in the business of buying and recycling mobile phones for over 16 years. The company has been able to offer competitive prices to their customers due in large part to their well-established worldwide sales and distribution networking. The company is operated by GY Telecom Ltd, and it is affiliated with a global group company – a leading force in the area of both mobile phone recycling and phone/device re-use. Does Premier offer a higher price then Top Dollar Mobile? Use the search box below and find out…

Why Use Top Dollar Mobile?

There are a number of reasons to choose this company when selling an unneeded mobile phone or device. These can include:

    • Competitive Pricing – Because of the firm’s long-term and strong financial and commercial reputation – along with a large global sales and distribution network – customers can be offered very competitive prices for their devices.


    • Fast Payment – Customers are assured that payment will be made for their mobile phone or device within five business days of receiving and testing their item. Payments can be made to sellers via bank transfer or cheque.


    • Wide Range of Models – Also due to its extensive network, the company can purchase from a wide variety of different mobile phone and device makes and models. This helps to service a more broad range of customers.


    • Free Post – As soon as a customer decides to sell, they will be sent a Freepost envelope in Top Dollar Mobile’s trade pack. This package will also include instructions for sending the item that is for sale to the company at no charge. (If a customer has more than 15 phone handsets to sell, the company will arrange to have a courier pick up the package.)


    • Charity Sponsorships – In addition to its strong commercial background, Top Dollar Mobile is known for donating funds to a number of different charitable organizations such as World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization that works in more than 20 countries worldwide.


    • Environmental Benefits – While phones and devices that are in non-working order may be recycled for their various metals, the company also uses packaging materials and paper that is also fully recyclable.


Overall, due to its extensive worldwide wholesale networking, the company is known as one of the world’s largest second-hand mobile traders. Does Top Dollar Mobile offer a higher price for phones then Premier Mobile Recycling? Use the below search box and find out…

What Customers Have to Say

Top Dollar Mobile has numerous satisfied customers. Here is what some of these individuals have to say about the company and their experiences:

“I used them twice recently and they were spot on. Money was sent to me within two days and I couldn’t fault the service. I was a bit worried beforehand because they were offering more than some of the other sites, but someone rang me with a query on one of the phones and the number was from the UK. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”  - forums.moneysavingexpert.com

“I used these guys last month as they were offering nearly double everyone else for my old C905. They paid up within a week, so no problems there.”  – forums.moneysavingexpert.com


How to Sell Your Mobile Phone or Device Through Top Dollar Mobile

When a customer is ready to sell their phone or device, they should first log on to the company’s website. Here, they can begin the simple three step process of turning their items into cash. These steps entail the following:

    • Select a Model – First, an individual will need to select the proper make and model of the phone or device they are wishing to sell. This is easy to do directly on the company’s website. Once the specified information has been located, there will be a price listed. This is the amount that a customer will receive should they decide to continue the transaction and sell their item. In order to do so, the customer’s contact details will also need to be provided to the company. A confirmation email will then follow upon completion and submission of all necessary information.


    • Send in the Phone or Device – The next step will require the customer to send their mobile phone or device to Top Dollar Mobile. This can be done in the Trade Pack that is received by the customer in the mail. Instructions on what to send and how to post will also be included.


    • Receive Payment – Once the item has been received by the company, it will be tested and verified to ensure that it matches the details that were provided about it by the customer. When all has been checked out, payment will be received by the customer. This usually occurs within five working days.

Where to Go to Begin the Process

If you are ready to begin the process of selling your old mobile phone or device – or if you simply would like additional information on Top Dollar Mobile – visit: www.TopDollarMobile.co.uk.