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Sell Your Samsung Mobile Phone (Any Model)

These phones with late 90’s tech usually came as flip style or slide style and they really didn’t have a lot to offer in the way of customization with a few exceptions like their first “Smartphone”. You could change a ringtone at first then as the 00’s hit, Samsung added features like cameras and games so their products were on the path to becoming the smartphones we know today.

By far the most popular Samsung mobile phone produced today is their Galaxy line. This first launched in 2009 and featured the Android OS and a 3.2 inch display. This first Galaxy had some features you’d more likely associate with a Blackberry like a wide selection of physical buttons located all around the phone. This first model sold over 10 million units by the seven month mark.  Just a year later when the iPhone and other touch screen style phones became extremely popular and priced right so a change needed to be made.

Samsung’s own touchscreen line had to be created to stand a chance and the Galaxy S line appeared. This was a popular model immediately, not just among Samsung fans. The Galaxy line alone has sold over 24 million units worldwide with newer models that have destroyed previous sales records for launches like the last S4 that sold over 10 million units in less than a month after it launched.

There’s no doubt Samsung will remain a favorite choice among consumers because they are constantly putting out high quality products with a huge assortment of features. You can select from a wide array of service carriers or opt for a pre-paid Samsung mobile phone instead. On the slate for release in September is the Galaxy Note III , the highly anticipated upgrade to the popular Note II organization oriented smartphone. The features for the Galaxy Note III haven’t been fully released just yet but if it’s even half as popular as the last model, it’s primed to break sales records across the world.