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Received payment on time as promised, good price, would use again.

Not Just a Great Price, Trade in Your Phone & Receive...
FREE Mobile Phone Accessory worth £10 – £15

FREE - Mobile Phone Accessory worth £10 – £15

That’s right with every mobile that you trade in over £60 in addition to the great price you’ll receive for your phone you’ll also receive a FREE mobile phone accessory worth £10 to £15 in the shops! You simply let us know what model of phone you now have and we’ll send you a really cool accessory that’s compatible with it. This isn’t one of those deals where you have to call an expensive 090 premium rate number where you have to spend like £30 to win a silly prize like a pencil, no, you receive a guaranteed mobile accessory with every trade in. Yippee! We simply ask that you pay the cost of the Royal Mail postage. We’re proud to offer MORE than just a great price for your mobile.

Free   Mystery Gift   Worth £££’s

FREE - Mystery Gift Worth £££’s

Every phone that we receive whether it be working or broken, a Nokia 3210 or an iPhone 5 comes inclusive with it’s own FREE “mystery” gift. The gift changes frequently however in the past these gifts have included FREE tickets to top UK attractions, FREE food & drink and even the chance to be the audience of top TV show. Many times the gift is worth even more than the price of the phone customer has traded in! Don’t think you’re going to get an elastic band, napkin or something else that’s worthless rubbish we can assure you that our gifts have VALUE and no you wont need to jump through a bunch of hoops or call some £1.50 a minute number.

Free   Kiva Charity $5.00 “Loans that Change Lives”

FREE - Kiva Charity $5.00 “Loans that Change Lives”

For every phone that we receive over £60 in value, the managing director of Premier Mobile Recycling, Richard Howard will out of his own pocket upload a further $5.00 to the Kiva Charity micro lending account, funds that are used to provide those in third world countries with micro-loans that allow them become more self-sufficient. Kiva is an awesome charity that mico loans money to individuals and groups in third world countries who then use the money to start or increase the size of their business so that they can become more self-sufficient and less reliant on charitable donations or their government. This improves the life of the individual, their family and their local communityx.

Why Recycle with us?

Indeed, why choose us other all the other recyclers out there? As you can see from our site not only do you receive a very generous price for your mobile phone by trading in your mobile with us you’ll also be dealing with a reputable, financially stable recycler and receive a FREE mobile phone accessory worth £10 to £15 for your current mobile phone as well as a FREE mystery gift that’s some times is worth even MORE in value of the phone you’re recycling whether it be a Blackberry, iPhone, Samsung or old school Nokia. Gifts in the past have included free food & drink, free entry to top UK attractions & much more.

Whilst you’re deciding on which recycler to send your mobile to I ‘d strongly suggest that you take advantage of my FREE top tips guide that provides “insider” information on the mobile recycling industry. The guide reveals tricks that some rogue suppliers use to pay you a LOT less then what your phone is really worth, how you tell which suppliers are reputable, which Royal Mail services will mean that they DESTROY your package if you’re selling an iPhone, HTC or Sony Ericsson worth hundreds (pretty important information!) and many other top tips that will ensure you dont have any problems when trading in your handset.

This guide is FREE for customers of Premier Mobile Recycling and those who arent. You’re welcome to take the guide and put the advice to use with another recycler. My main goal is to ensure that you don’t become one of thousands of consumers who’ve received a terrible price for their mobile or received a bit fat zero for their handset worth hundreds of pounds. To get access to this guide simply enter your email address to the form at the top of this page and you’ll gain instant access to this priceless information.

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