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Sell Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones Fast (All Models)

Sony Ericsson is one of the most recognizable brands of mobile phone in the history of phones. They were founded in 2001 to give Sony a dedicated branch of their company that only did research and applied technology to making their mobile phones some of the easiest to use in the world with a focus on multimedia capabilities. The first Ericsson phone released was the T68i and this was when Nokia was the main mobile phone juggernaut that other companies couldn’t compete with. This model had a better display than Nokia at the time and featured a camera. These features alone helped elevate this brand as a “premium” alternative to what Nokia was offering and quickly gained ground not just as a great mobile phone but also as a status symbol.

2005 saw something that was extremely unique while having a familiar name everyone knew and loved. The Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, W800, was released. MP3’s were just getting huge and Sony knew this was going to be a massive hit. Was it? Well, in certain regions it was but in the US and UK most people already had an iPod or knock off so it didn’t do as well as it could have.

In 2006, Sony Ericsson phones became integrated with the extremely popular Sony Cyber-Shot camera technology and the K800 was the first model phone released with this tech. Naturally, people who loved taking pictures had to go with Sony over other phone companies because the clarity and options that come with their Cyber-shot cameras have always been second to none. This phone helped contribute to large online sites that focused on using pictures.

The most popular Sony Ericsson phone ever released of course was the Xperia X10. This was the first phone from Sony to run Android and it featured extremely easy to use multimedia features. Netflix and Android apps ran flawlessly on the X10 and they still do. This model is still in use by thousands of people across the world because it’s a premium phone and even newer models don’t offer a whole lot more in comparison.

To capitalize on another arena Sony is very familiar with, the Xperia Play came out in 2011. This phone was more like a PSP/phone hybrid and while massively popular in Japan, didn’t quite do as well in other parts of the world. It’s definitely a unique item however and even today it’s a must have if you’re more into gaming on your phone than anything else.

The Xperia S hit shelves in 2012 and was an improvement on every other Ericsson phone released so far. This resembles more of the traditional touchscreen phones available today but has the Sony name behind it. This phone does pretty much everything and got high marks from reviewers long before it was even released to the public.

Sony Ericcson changed it’s name in 2012 and is now known as Sony Mobile Communications but it’s still the same company you know and love and they’ll continue to put out very multimedia focused products for years to come.