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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc x12

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc x12
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Sony, over the past few years, has struggled to keep up in the mobile phone industry, but that is all changing thanks to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc x12. This device is a major improvement over devices of the past, thanks in large part to its bezel shrinking back and its large screen. It’s also one of the slimmest phones currently available for purchase. The device easily fits in the hand and the phone is very light. This phone can be used for a variety of tasks with ease.

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Users have been very impressed with many features of this phone. Not only does it have a nice screen size, the camera works well even in bright conditions. Video comes out smooth in most cases and the Android operating system blends in nicely with this phone. Watch videos with ease or check your e-mail with the responsive touch screen. If you have an HD TV, you’ll love the HDMI port and Sony has designed this phone so GIF files can now be viewed with no problem. The device charges quickly and Facebook has been integrated for ease of use. The mobile phone can also be customized in many ways, which users are sure to love. The main drawback of this phone is the fact tht it is lacking a forward facing camera. Some are turned off by the Qwerty keyboard, but a free alphanumeric keyboard is available for download if you fall into this category. When it comes to the Xperia Arc x12, there is much to love and very little to turn users off so Sony is now back in the mobile phone game.