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Sony Ericsson Xperia Go

Sony Ericsson Xperia Go
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Sony has opted to place an emphasis on their mid-range lineup of phones, including the Sony-Ericsson-Xperia-Go and the results are impressive. This phone is great for those who are on the go as it is built to withstand the elements and won’t be damaged by water and dust, up to a certain extent. Color choices are available and many find the distinct look of this phone is a great attraction. Others choose to purchase it as it comes with both an armband case for sporting activities and a wrist strap for less active pursuits.

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Solid is the best way to describe this mobile phone according to many as it feels very strong and durable. It holds up to the water test as, if you drop it into a tank of water, performance won’t be affected. The user interface is attractive and comes with a wide variety of widgets and its very user friendly also. One drawback to this phone is the screen is unable to respond to touch input when submersed and it responds randomly when rained one. Another issue is the SIM card tray which may come apart when you go to remove or insert a new card. The hardware is lacking in some respects with a good example of this being the lackluster resolution of the screen. Sony calling the display ‘razor-sharp’ is an exaggeration. Pictures and video aren’t great from this phone either as pictures tend to be washed out and fuzzy while videos shake and there is no front facing camera. Many find this doesn’t bother them as the phone is so good while on the go. Only you can decide if it is the right model for you.